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VITAMIN are probably the most exciting new band you’ll hear that have emerged out of the indie pop world, since Foster the People came raging on to the scene at the tail end of the noughties. Their crowning glory is their new single ‘This Isn’t Love’ – a sharp burst of zingy melodic pop, that features a gloriously catchy hook and a stunning video to boot.

The band will be seen playing venues up and down the country in the coming months, supporting the likes of Clean Cut Kid and The Magic Gang, before they launch their album campaign later this year.

We caught a rare quiet moment with VITAMIN’s singer Jared, in between soundchecks and their busy schedule. To talk about the band’s forthcoming debut record, filming music video’s and their love for fashion.

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today.

Jared: “Not a problem, any time.”

Where in the world do you we find you today?

“We just got to London, we’re playing at New Shapes tonight in Notting Hill Art’s Club, so we’re just doing soundcheck at the moment actually.”

You’ve always been very vocal about your hometown of Leeds and supporting new and local talent, from your live showcase night Brothers & Sisters last year all the way to recording your debut album in Leeds.  Is the community aspect of music important to you as a band?

“Yeah of course, we’ve always said that we wanted to create our own community within our local scene. We wanted to pave our own way and start our own little community, if you like or our own scene, so yeah it’s important. Music is all about togetherness, of course.”

You’ve been recording at The Chairworks in Leeds. I believe you might have been the next band in after Indoor Pets, they were also in there recording their debut album. How has the experience been recording there?

“Well we didn’t actually record [the album] there, we were recording in another studio but we did do a little bit there, we kinda polished off things at Chairworks. But no, it was great. We always end up in these studios that are kinda out in the middle of nowhere, in the countryside. It’s like a country retreat, in a way. But no, it was great, really great.”

So is the album fully recorded now?

“The album’s full recorded now, yeah. Now we’re just looking at mixes and other things we can do with the tracks, experimenting and stuff. We’ve laid down what we want for the album and it’s sounding fabulous.”

How many tracks did you go in with?

“We ended up putting down ten tracks, and we whittled it down from like forty or fifty songs which is kind of insane, because we have basically been writing this first album since we started the band, which was like two years ago, so it’s everything since then. We have a mixture of songs, like one of the first songs we had ever properly written has made its way on there, in its own guise. The album is a collection of songs that span over the two years that we’ve been going really.”

Have you found that the tracks have taken on a new life in the studio?

“Oh absolutely, yeah. When you re-visit older tracks and bring them up-to-date with where we’re at, sometimes a track will completely transform itself in the studio, that has happened quite a few times.”

Did the studio sessions inspire any new songs to form or take shape whilst you were there?

“No, we didn’t really get into writing too much in the studio because we prefer, once we’re in the studio to focus on the sound and that kinda thing, so we didn’t really write in the studio.”

Pre to recording the album, you went on a small tour around the UK playing a stripped back set in the COW vintage stores. That must have been a lot of fun to re-work the tracks in a new structure?

“Yeah that was interesting for us, because obviously we had never played in a clothes shop before and yeah we re-worked the songs, so I guess it was kind of like our first headline tour, of sorts. So it was exciting for us.”

In the music video for your new single, each member of the band plays a different character within the storyline, is that fun for you all to get the chance to be actors for a day?

“Yeah we loved doing that music video. We’re really, really into music videos, it was great fun.”

And you were all rocking the head-to-toe white look in the video, it’s not regular that you find a band that can pull that off.

“Oh do you think?”

Yeah I think so.

“It’s a bold move. The all white.”

VITAMIN always seem to pull together a strong look visually, are you all into the styling and fashion side of band life?

“Yeah we all love fashion and clothes, and art. Yeah it’s a big thing for us. Yeah it’s exciting when we get the chance to dress up in all white or whatever else it is, yeah.”

Tonight, you’re playing your first full live show of the year at the Notting Hill Art’s Club.

“Yeah that’s right.”

Excited about that?

“Yeah really excited because we’re playing a few new songs from the album, which we haven’t done before. And it’s just gonna be good to play a gig!” [laughs]

I believe this year will be a great and defining year for VITAMIN, with plenty of new releases, gigs and festival still to come. What are you personally, most looking forward to in the months to come?

“All of those things you’ve just mentioned. Tours, new songs. I think the big one will be the release of the album that will be the biggest thing for us, but we’re basically trying to do everything all the time. Tour, release, make videos, y’know?”

Just the usual?

“Yeah, and maybe some of the unusual, y’know? Definitely some of the unusual actually.”

Yes, of course. Well thank you, that’s it! Good to talk to you.

“It was nice to talk to you.”

VITAMIN will be touring the UK with The Magic Gang throughout April, for dates and tickets see below.

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18TH Birmingham Sunflower Lounge Tickets
20TH St Albans The Horn Tickets
21ST Stoke Sugarmill Tickets
23RD Leeds Brudenell Tickets
24TH Liverpool Studio 2 Tickets
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For more on VITAMIN head to their Website, Facebook and Twitter.

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