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TRACK OF THE DAY: Jon Bryant – ‘Light’

Happiness is a beautiful thing. It can change our whole outlook and lift our mood, radiating positively in all that we do. The first single to be taken from Canadian troubadour Jon Bryant’s new album, ‘Twenty Something’, is reaching for a ray of hope. In essence, it is grasping for that glimmer of ‘Light’ within.

“I can feel the weight of a thousand eyes on me” Bryant cries out, as he rallies his call for renewal, with all the might that his melancholic falsetto can muster. ‘Light’ examines the inner expanses of the soul, searching deep for a way out of one’s own self-contained darkness, to reach the light within. The instrumental backing is sparse and clean, only divulging attention to the reverberating twang of electric guitar that lingers on, against the weightlessness of his solitary voice. Sometimes we all need to regain perspective, and ‘Light’ is the perfect clarion call for this.

‘Light’ is out now. Buy it here on iTunes.

Jon Bryant Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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