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TRACK OF THE DAY: Halfloves – ‘It’s Easy To Love’

Iowa indie rock group Halfloves have given an introductory peep into the world of their upcoming self-titled album. Their single ‘It’s Easy To Love’ manages to place you in front of a mesmerising explosion of sound. Not a conventional explosion though; more of a controlled detonation in slow motion.

As the song progresses, each individual fragment flies toward you, building on the last addition, each time just as pleasantly surprising as the last. The tempo of the track is so perfectly serene that it feels like everything stops, leaving all the time in the world to walk through the blast and take in every detail.

The full force of the blow is felt at the chorus. The twinkling guitar and the mopey vocals, the fizzing effects and the rattling drums. All this drifts slowly over the unperturbed melody accompanied by the simple reminder that “It’s easy to love when you don’t love anybody else”.

‘It’s Easy To Love’ is featured on the Halfloves forthcoming self-titled album, out 4th March 2016.

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