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Many Things About…NO MONSTER CLUB

Dublin’s No Monster Club are memorable. Never one’s to stagnate or bow down to the generic, they deal in originality. Opting for the quirks that only self-perpetuated expression can bring, but it’s within their lo-fi noise pop that we truly explore who they are – unpretentious, faintly silly but completely genius. The band release their new album ‘I Feel Magic’ later this month, so we thought what better time than now to catch up with them.

We asked the mastermind behind No Monster Club – Bobby Aherne – to pull together some interesting and random tidbits in our fact or fiction round. The beauty of it is, we’ll never know if any of this is actually plausibly real or not.

1. If you squint like crazy, you’ll be able to spot me in PS I Love You, Penny Dreadful, Ripper Street, Love Rosie, All Is By My Side, Albert Nobbs, The Secret Scripture and god knows what else.
2. I was in a coma from the age of 8 until the age of 12, after ‘The Giraffe Incident’. This is the reason I’m so incredibly stupid.
3. I’ve always thought that “I feel magic” was popular slang for “I feel great”, but I’ve recently realised that it might just be a Dublin thing? Or maybe not even a thing at all?
4. I’ve never written a song. No Monster Club is actually the musical project of an 84 year old retired plumber who I befriended in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I am just the public face of the whole thing, because she is insecure about her wrinkles.
5. I went to see The Revs play 37 times, and I wish that they’d reform so I could make that a nicer, round number. Just thirteen more gigs and I could die happy.
6. I would definitely move to Nigeria if I was offered a part in a Nollywood movie.
7. Outside of music, five people that I really, really like are: Georges Melies, PT Barnum, Roald Dahl, Andy Kaufman & David Blaine. 
8. I fully believe in leprechauns.
9. I’ve covered two songs that were originally performed by Jedward. They once messaged me to say “Wow, that ‘Give It Up’ cover you did is so cool! You are the record guy! Peace, John and Edward. The music is so different!” I want to be their friend.
10. I have never seen a cat in real life.

No Monster Club’s new album ‘I Feel Magic’ is released on 19th February. Pre-order the album here.

No Monster Club Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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