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TRACK OF THE DAY: Transviolet – ‘New Bohemia’

LA-based revolutionaries Transviolet are stoking a bright fire with their outwardly aware world-view and empowering music. The band revealed their stunning debut EP at the tail-end of 2015, and now bring us another piece of the puzzle in visual form for new single ‘New Bohemia’.

Speaking about the subtext behind the track, singer Sarah McTaggart said “We are equals. We are not our gender, our race, our sexual orientation. We are not our religion, our nationality, or social class. We will not inherit the hate and fear of things we do not understand. We will not continue the vicious cycle, using violence to stop violence to  stop violence. We will not be told that this is just the way things are. We decide what our future looks like. We are the new bohemia”

The video takes the meaning of the song that little bit further, away from the band’s underwater wonderland and out into the real world, elevating their message into something more tangible. And if that’s not enough for you, then the sky-high pop hooks, euphoric vocals and pounding synths of ‘New Bohemia’ will surely grab your attention.

‘New Bohemia’ is out now, buy it on iTunes here. Catch Transviolet live in London on 10th February, tickets are available here.

Transviolet Links: Facebook . Twitter

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