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TRACK OF THE DAY: No Monster Club – ‘Lemonade’

No Monster Club have created a lovely indie-pop jingle in ‘Lemonade’. From what their website tells us it’s a one-man-band type thing; the product of a clever human called Bobby Aherne. There has been a string of other singles and album/EP releases from him, and soon a new album that is out in a few weeks on Popical Island.

There are shades of Pulp in ‘Lemonade’, with its quirky lyrics and homey feel. Even hearing the song for the first time it is difficult not to find it comforting. It’s like getting a really nice hug from your favourite auntie. A chuggy bass drives the song along with some simple percussion accompanying. A keyboard (or marimba?) type instrument makes a great addition the choruses, weaving out of pitch. The video is a great fit for the song as well, particularly in the wobbly bits where Bobby goes a bit skew-whiff.

There’s almost certainly a Talking Heads influence as well, I’d say. Despite the poppy surface, ‘Lemonade’ is actually really weird. Having in mind the minimalist instrumentation and the monotonous vocals, half-talked, half-sung. It’s got a real art-pop vibe, straight from the school of Byrne circa ’77.

No Monster Club’s new album will be released on 19th February. Pre-order it here.

No Monster Club Links: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Harry Hayes
Harry is from the historic city of Canterbury, tucked away in South-East England. He is involved in a number of musical projects including Dreamweaver, Gneng and Bearded Sphynx, and also produces and records artists.

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