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TRACK OF THE DAY: Wyldest – ‘Stalking Moon’

London trio Wyldest capture the mystical on new single ‘Stalking Moon’, as their dream pop continues to know no bounds. The cut is a fully absorbing four-and-a-bit minutes of reverberating guitars, sensual voice, prowling bass and crescendoing driving melodies.

Speaking about the track singer, Zoe Mead stated, “It’s about people. Almost always there’s something interesting or dark lurking underneath every persona. It’s about hiding secrets and hunting for secrets in others.”

For a song that bares the titular resonance of something much bigger than humanity itself, ‘Stalking Moon’ proves to be just as far-reaching as its namesake. As we all know, trying to uncover a person’s deepest and most guarded secrets will always take some soul searching, and for what it’s worth Wyldest definitely achieve a connection with their listener.

Wyldest are one of the most promising exports out of London in recent years, they’ve found their niche and now is the time to listen up.

Wyldest’s debut EP ‘Dark Matter’ will be released on 18th March, via Hand in Hive.

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