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TRACK OF THE DAY: Get Inuit – ‘My Oh My’

What do you get if you put an indie riff, a surf track and a punk attitude in a blender? From the sound of their latest single, the answer must be Get Inuit. If there were any barriers between styles beforehand, you can be sure that these Kent lads have smashed them down and pissed on the rubble.

My Oh My‘ is one of those tracks that begs for a nice spirited mosh pit to unfold without a moment’s hesitation (nice spirited because there’s NO WAY you could be angry with those jangly trebled riffs). There’s enough thrashing to get your feet off the ground and your hands in the air, and vocal hooks so catchy not even your throat’s desperate croaks for water could pull you away from the devoted chant-along. Some may decide the genre-jumble isn’t their kind of thing; to that, Get Inuit will surely scream in their faces “SUCK IT UP”.

‘My Oh My’ is available for free download from the band’s website here.

Get Inuit Links: Website // Facebook // Twitter

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