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TRACK OF THE DAY: Bryde – ‘Wait’

Hearing a debut track from a new artist is the most revelatory of all. Just one song can spark a never-ending love affair with an artist, it’s the introductory hello, the first impression. A debut track can have an immeasurable pull on an artist’s career, and upon the first listen to Londoner Bryde’s atmosphere-building entrance, we were struck instantly and overcome by her plaintive storytelling.

She wields her fragility in such a way on ‘Wait’ that it becomes powerful and strong. Undressing a relationship that is on the rocks, her breathy vocals are the centre-point, weaving an exhale of wistful melancholy into something of delicate poise and beauty.

As they say, it’s the toughest of times that make us who we are, and on first glance Bryde clearly has taken that little piece of wisdom to heart and has turned it into her greatest asset. After a bewitching debut, the future looks like hers for the taking.

‘Wait’ is released on 10th January 2016, pre-order it here.

Bryde Links: Facebook . Twitter

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