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TRACK OF THE DAY: Maria Kelly – ‘Before It Has Begun’

Dublin-based songwriter Maria Kelly will take you on a journey. It may be an all too familiar tale of heartbreak, but it’s her gentle touch and remarkable ability to turn a personal story into one that’s universally identifiable, that is truly what sets her apart from being just another girl with a broken heart and a guitar. Her debut track ‘Before It Has Begun’ details the breaking point of a relationship, as it heads to its downfall and inevitable demise.

Unfurling acoustic melodies lay the canvas bare for her soothing vocals to enter. ‘Before It Has Begun’ lingers in between the hushed, delicate tones of her voice and the further reaches of her plaintive, enveloping songwriting. It is a beautiful and natural introduction to an artist that is ready to embrace her calling.

‘Before It Has Begun’ is available for free download here.

Maria Kelly Links: Facebook . Twitter

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