ALBUM REVIEW: Cage The Elephant – ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’

Cage The Elephant have (thankfully) made their return and graced us with the maturity that was always in deep down inside of them. The band’s fourth album Tell Me I’m Pretty comes two years after the huge success of Melophobia – nominated for a grammy in ‘Best Alternative Album’ – and slots in comfortably alongside all the albums of the year.

For starters served up on a silver platter is an all out, no bullshit, not afraid to take any risks, classic Cage track ‘Cry Baby’. It comes with a kick of psychedelic vibes that are ever present throughout the album, that lead singer Schultz’s voice has been begging for, creating a match made in heaven. Much could be said for the following two tracks, with ‘Mess Around’ undoubtedly one of the finest songs of the album, this track is none other than a full face melter. With sprinklings of Kasabian, it can’t be too long till these guys are gracing the Pyramid Stage themselves.

Produced by The Black Keys Dan Auberach, there is no great surprise that this album has a more mature sound, than previously birthed by the group. ‘Cold Cold Cold’, the fifth track on the album is the absolute stand out, with smart riffs and a raw, rusty emotion in Schultz’s voice, that combines effortlessly well with the rest of the song.

‘Trouble’ is an example of the tricks these four guys’ have up their sleeve. Proving that sometimes less really is more, this song is the turning point in terms of tempo in the album. Auberach’s influence can be heard in such tracks as ‘That’s Right’, which sounds like it should be featured on T-Rex’s ‘Electric Warrior’ – do compliments get any better?

A mixed bag of tempos, attitude, risk-taking and classic Cage sounds bind this album together beautifully. Undoubtedly a step in a new direction; not a leap by any means, but as an already established band, there is unquestionably a hell of a lot more to come from these guys.

‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ is out now. Buy it here.

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