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Stumbling upon London four-piece SHARK DENTIST is not advised if you’re distinctively afraid of noise. This band are openly wild and furiously content about it. Take latest single ‘Cut Myself Shaving’ for example, a riotous punk-fuelled three and a bit minutes of clattering sludge. It’s feral, it’s vicious and it’s totally intoxicating.

What makes independent bands so exciting is that they don’t care about what other people think of them. If they’re playing to an audience of 4, they know it’s not great but they’ll play the gig like it’s the best gig of their lives because they truly do it for the music. They live in the moment and appreciate that there will be bad days when nothing goes right but that doesn’t mean you give up, and there will be good days, where it all comes together and makes sense. But it’s within these parameters that they thrive, making art that is true and honest. Making music that is raw and dignified. It’s the truest expression of all. And that’s why supporting independent artists is so important and will continue to be important, because after all, everyone deserves to heard.

‘Cut Myself Shaving’ is out now. Buy it here on bandcamp, available on digital or limited edition cassette.


Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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