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Many things about…ISLAND

London band ISLAND have a way with capturing emotion at it’s most vulnerable and poetic, leaving their listeners powerlessly under their spell. With the release of debut EP ‘Girl’ still ripe enough to taste, the band’s unfurling melodies and musical charm are set to ignite the whole nation in glorious wonderment.

We grabbed a spare few minutes with the foursome to gain some insight into their psyches with our random fact round. 

1. The first song we ever performed on stage together was ‘Mundian To Bah Ke’ by Punjabi MC.
2. ‘Girl’ was not originally going to be on the EP, but it ended up becoming the title track – the recording is actually an old demo.
3. Wolfe played 3 gigs without knowing he had a fractured elbow.
4. Toby once vommed on stage.
5. Jack plays a stormtrooper in the new Star Wars film.
6. We aim to be the hairiest rhythm section in showbiz. 
7. Rollo has 22 elephants in his bedroom. 
8. Wolfe is allergic to life.
9. Jack graduated with a first from Oxford University.
10. Toby can’t play the shaker, but he plays a mean Bisto.
11. We’re hoping to sign an endorsement deal with Lipton Ice Tea.
12. Jack does uncanny impressions of our management team.
13. We’re trying to play Palace at football but need one more player each, anyone keen?
14. We originate from 7 different countries.
15. Our favourite pedal is Wolfe’s ‘Big Muff’ bass distortion.

ISLAND’s debut EP ‘Girl’ is out now, via Beatnik Creative. Buy it on iTunes here.

ISLAND Links: Facebook . Twitter

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