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Many things about…FAIRCHILD

Aussie six-piece Fairchild set about to make our lives that little bit more interesting with their sprawling synth-led rock. They set the ears ablaze, all the while the feet are groovin’.

Off the back of a successful AA-side release (‘Hot Rod / Nom De Guerre’) earlier in the year, the band are back and in full-form with new release ‘Breathless’ – a soft yet alluring declaration of brooding desire. And oh! By the way, here are some random facts about the band…

1. We had 1000 paper cranes in our home studio in Australia.
2. Our hometown (Gold Coast) is 57km of coastline, our new hometown (Manchester) has no coastline.
3. Our favourite meal to have when touring is Ramen.
4. We’ve played shows in 8 different countries and have had Ramen in all of them.
5. Our manager is Adam and Nathan’s younger brother, Rhys.
6. Adam, Patchy and Tim met in their first year of high school.
7. Adam got into Med School and declined the offer to follow music. 
8. As a baby, James was in an advert for a national chain of shoe stores.
9. Tommy once had a snake fall on him while cooking.
10. Nathan has a degree in Civil Engineering and built a bridge out of spaghetti. 
11. Tim broke his nose as a kid by pulling a TV on himself.
12. Patrick was born in Manila and owns a Hello Kitty bag. 

Fairchild will be releasing the ‘Breathless’ EP in early 2016.

Fairchild Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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