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Many things about…BROKEN HANDS

The Canterbury five-piece Broken Hands have taken psychedelica and riff-heavy rock, mixed it in a melting pot with distortion and fuzz, and turned it into something quite visceral and wholly satisfying. The band’s debut album ‘Turbulence’ was released earlier this year. Where a visit to the airport by the band’s frontman, sparked the basis for the LP’s thematic direction.

Flight and travel (taking off and coming down). These concepts act as the conduit for the album’s main purpose – escapism. Whether that be physical flight or metaphorical (a drug-induced high), ‘Turbulence’ is a trip. 

We get to know the band a little better with a few random facts…

1. All members live together in a village outside Canterbury, Kent.
2. Jamie and Dale met for the first time in Boston, USA even though they grew up in the same town.
3. Dave is an avid supporter of drum and bass label ‘Hospital Records’ and all their events.
4. The band have composed their own unofficial soundtrack for 1971 film THX-1138.
5. When writing their debut album Turbulence the band covered the whole inside of their house in silver foil to create a capsule for recording demos in, for a month.
6. Broken Hands where founders of ‘Hoochie Coochie Club’ which deceased end 2011 just before they formed.
7. Thomas Ford’s and Casper Hart (band tech) have a collection of Honda Motorcycles. (Known as Nailbourne)
8. Jamie’s pedal board was made by himself, with 2 secret exceptions.  
9. Broken Hands became a 5 piece Jan 2014 with the addition of Dave Hardstone, before they where a 4 piece.
10. The band are currently building their own Space Observatory. 
11. Brothers, Callum and Dale are WBA FC fans.
12. The lighting show for their last headline tour was controlled and run by Dave from stage.
13. The band almost completely spilt mid 2013.
14. Jamie Darby runs a screen-printing company.
15. The band have begun work on their next album…

Broken Hands debut album ‘Turbulence’ is out now on So Recordings.

Broken Hands Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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