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TRACK OF THE DAY: Richard Walters – ‘July Bones’

Richard Walters continues to impress us with his band Liu Bei, but his solo work was completely unknown to us before we heard his latest understated masterpiece ‘July Bones’. A song inspired by American author T.C Boyle’s novel ‘Drop City’.

His compositions carry a certain eloquence to them. They are beautifully crafted, ornate majesties, that speak a finely tuned language, even without the words. ‘July Bones’ is a beautiful tale inspired by a free-spirited Californian commune in the late 60’s, yet it holds place for a deeper, more profound message of self-exploration to emerge. Walters thoughtfully poses the questions that unify us all in the eternal search for answers: ‘Is it right, Is it right, Is it right that we can’t change? Do we make, do we make, do we make the same mistakes?’

The gentle pull of softly strummed guitar is lifted by the distant haze of muted electronics, laying the focus on Walters’ extremely delicate but powerful falsetto. The soundscape further embraces its expansive but wholly consuming warmth with elegant piano and sensitively produced percussive beats.

A full length album is expected in the new year.

‘July Bones’ is out now. Buy it here.

Richard Walters Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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