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TRACK OF THE DAY: Cavalry – ‘Soak’

Cavalry are a band that always stun with their beautifully, powerful alt-folk and their new track ‘Soak’ is another jewel to their crown.

Swaying with a gentle candour and wrapped in a bittersweet melancholy, ‘Soak’ tries to move past the hurt but is burdened by a heart in turmoil. Glinting with hope, a soft bed of electronic instrumentation opens the track, gently building with the introduction of guitar and voice. ‘Soak’ soon starts to swell into a swirl of warming ambient tones and immensely anthemic driving rhythms.

It is easy to lose yourself when you find someone that takes you out of your little world, and makes you see everything in a completely different light, ‘Soak’ tries to address this. We all as humans are inextricably flawed, our coping mechanisms aren’t always fully adapt at saving us from total self-destruction but with support, we can make it through the tough times. ‘Soak’ moves through strong emotions of isolation, connection and rejection but even though the heart is broken, it doesn’t stop a little ray of hope from emerging, lamenting as it closes: “you’re my broken light”.

‘Soak’ is available now on iTunes, buy it here.

Cavalry will be playing the following live dates to co-inside with the release:

30th September – The Shacklewell Arms, London

15th October – The Eagle Inn, Manchester

Cavalry Links: Facebook . Twitter

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