ALBUM REVIEW: Broken Hands – ‘Turbulence’

The anticipation for Broken Hands debut album has been churning since the band revealed at the top of the year, the first taster of the record ‘Death Grip’. A turbulent four-to-the-floor groove machine. Since then, the band have further treated us to the mighty ‘Meteor’ and the stunning new single ‘Who Sent You’.

Many thoughts race through the mind when thinking about the limitless nature of a potential Broken Hands record. For a band that holds such enthusiasm for sonic escapism, the prospect of a long-player in which they can fully actualise their vision can only be exciting and ‘Turbulence’ is that. Rounding off at a mean 45-or-so minutes, ‘Turbulence‘ pulls in the tightest riffs, so many towering highs and a good quota of rugged grooves, just enough to make you wanna to do it all again after every listen. 

Comparisons have been made to Royal Blood, Black Sabbath and Kasabian, although it’s true that the comparisons are thoughtful, Broken Hands have worked hard to fine-tune their sound into something that is completely their own and it’s all the better for it. Take ‘Should I’ for example, a behemoth of electronics wrap around driving percussion, jet-fuelled guitars and ardent vocal strength, before breaking off into an extended interlude. It’s all part of the journey.

Following the epic lead-in, ‘Impact’ presents itself – it’s an end of the world, survival epilogue. It’s an almost operatic affair emblazoned with atmosphere-building sonic theatrics, a slower pace allows room for its progression to take effect and grow into a heart-shattering force of emotional power. Shattering the tranquillity that we had just experienced comes the tempestuous titular ‘Turbulence’. A soul rollicking, venomous bite of turbo-powered riffs and intimate vocal intensity that turns into a soaring cry, while it reaches for some sort of clarity within the mind.

‘747’ continues the ascent, actualising the bands fascination with flight, going up, and coming down, as the story unravels the descent of a crash landing. ‘Collide’ proves that sometimes simplicity is the right choice, fuzzed-out vocals drive forward a repetitive beat and the murky buzz of electronics, while the murmur of a guitar comes in and out of focus.

‘Turbulence’ comes to a conclusion when we head back to Earth on the psychedelic tremors of ‘W.T.L.L’. A near six and a half minute finale to fully complete the journey.

Broken Hands ambitious thinking has paid off, ‘Turbulence’ is one of those records that will continue to unfold with new discoveries and new meaning on each fresh listen. It’s one ride that I think should be compulsory for everyone to experience at least once.

‘Turbulence’ is released on 9th October, via So Recordings. Pre-order a copy here.

The band will also be touring the UK in support of the album, throughout October/November, tickets are available here. Full list of tour dates are below:

Oct 28 Manchester, Soup Kitchen
Oct 29 Glasgow, The Broadcast
Oct 30 Birmingham, The Sunflower Lounge
Nov 01 Bristol, Start The Bus
Nov 02 Brighton, Green Door Store
Nov 03 London, Oslo

Broken Hands Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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