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Berlin based singer/songwriter, Martin Kelly, is one half of the duo, Martin & James, but this year has seen Martin take to his own spotlight and begin a solo project.

He’s only released two demo’s online so far, but these two stunning seminal tracks allude to a songwriter that is driven by a longing to share his personal stories with the outside world. His brave, bold songwriting is heart-wrenchingly honest and moving. The soft, gravely tone of his voice lifts his words to greater heights, making it impossible to resist the growing connection that his songs evoke on a listener. 

Leaving home and moving on is never easy, we miss the places that we once knew and yearn for the sight of those places again and the people that we shared those memories with. But change is inevitable and even though it’s hard initially, we have to appreciate that we’ll make new memories. ‘Far Away’ tries to move past the hurt of loss: “I’m the echo of a memory, that’s vanished and gone..”, gradually building up the courage to accept that he is “far away from home”. A soft guitar melody builds on a gentle piano motif as ‘Far Away’ grows into its confidence, swelling as it reaches its peak and crescendoing into an emotionally reverent folk pop song.

‘Greatest Heights’ embodies all the qualities that make acoustic music quite simply the most magical and enchanting forms of self expression. It’s simple and stripped back production means that the lyrics and the emotions can soar to the surface, delivered with a blaring vulnerability that’s unshakeable, he tells a potent tale of isolation and internal conflict.

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