London four-piece ISLAND are set to release their debut EP on 27th November. The first single to be lifted off the EP is the wondrous ‘Stargazer’. The remaining EP tracks that follow, shine brightly like beacons in the night, glowing with ambient tones and propelled by a heavenly but firm vocal.

The first track on the EP is ‘Stargazer’, opening to a languid bed of reverb that gently grows. The subtlety of a single drifting guitar and voice are soon backed by lilting percussion, and a second guitar that astounds and illuminates the track to greater heights. It’s a tale of the mystical, told in such a way by an impassioned vocal, that it enchants and mesmerises instantly. Title track ‘Girl’ exercises the bands musical maturity. Sharp stabs of rhythmic operatics open the track, before it develops into a looser, bluesy number backed with a vicious lyrical bite.

‘I’ve Been Searching’ moves in pensive thought towards an answer. Gradually drama and tension build, as drums and guitar reach a heart-rendering pace before petering out to a crisp sediment, when they find the clarity they were looking for. The EP closes on the magnificent ‘Nighttime Written Blues’, it wields a slow-burning power that instinctively is euphoric and mellow at the same time. It’s a stunning piece that is perfectly executed and bookends the EP on a glorious high.

ISLAND’s debut EP ‘Girl’ is now available to pre-order on iTunes here.

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