WATCH: Paper Hawk – ‘Written in the Lines’ (Live)

Brighton based folk band, Paper Hawk, are back with a stunning new track titled ‘Written in the Lines’, taken from their forthcoming EP.

Vocalists, Rebecca and Scott, filmed an intimate acoustic session of the track at The Wick Inn recently, which can be found below. ‘Written in the Lines’ is primarily a love song, but one that tells of a lost love. All the while, it’s a loss that has spurned them on to a greater understanding of themselves. Like they say, sometimes we just have to experience loss before we can truly know ourselves.

The atmospheric production intensifies the growing emotions as the song progresses, with their vocal harmonies swaying in glorious harmony with each other. We are left with no choice but to succumb to its beautiful rapture. Be mesmerised.

Paper Hawk Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

Charlotte Holroyd
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