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VIDEO PREMIERE: The Loose Cut – ‘Soul’

The debut single from The Loose Cut is finally here, we’ve been following this band for a long time, so we’re delighted to be bringing you the première of the music video for their single ‘Soul’.

In our lives we will all experience loss of some kind. The feeling is amplified when we loose someone close to us, this is where ‘Soul’ hones it’s charge. When a relationship ends badly or someone in your life moves on without you, the love you hold for that person still lingers on, yet it may be burnt out and scarred but you feel the loss. It weighs heavy on you, and sometimes you just have to let out that pain and frustration, The Loose Cut have done this through music.

‘Soul’ is burdened with faded desire, stuck in torment but calling for that unbeatable strength to fuel it forward. A slow-burning fervency sparks the track forward, whiskey-soaked bluesy guitars, an impassioned vocal and powerful lyricism make ‘Soul’ a fierce rock debut.

‘Soul’ is out now, buy it on iTunes here.

The Loose Cut Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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