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The times when you stumble on a new artist and are instantly impressed, are rare. But when these moments come, you know your life will never be the same again. Music can change the way you see the world; one poetic refrain can lift your mood, a shared emotion can help you find solace. To me, a person sharing their innermost thoughts with another through song will always be unashamedly brave.

The first time I heard First Pope (aka. Fabian Molloy) sing was one of these moments. Immediately, you are struck by the precision he wields to capture an emotion. So delicately poised and intimately, he sings of the melancholy of solitude on ‘In The Dark’, quietly yearning for a connection.

He enchants in hopeful anguish, revealing both a sincere vulnerability and a haunting directness. He pulls on those heartstrings amercing the listener in a melancholic dance of epic proportions, his voice resting gently atop of a soft building guitar melody that never falters.

Sit back and let the rapture of First Pope take hold. Press play.

First Pope Links: FacebookSoundcloud

Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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