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TRACK OF THE DAY: Slow Riot – ‘Demons’

Jarring rhythms, succinct lyrical assertions and a viciously direct onslaught of fuzz and feedback, Limerick’s Slow Riot bring us another taste from their forthcoming ‘Cathedral’ EP, in the form of new track ‘Demons’.

Almost calming, the introduction of a solitary drum beat leads us into the track, slowly building till guitar and bass enter the soundscape. It’s all very primal and instinctive, laying bare the platform so the vocal can take centre stage. As the bitter feeling of torment and loss hits, the instrumentation becomes plagued, blurring the seams of what was once simple, now it’s thrown into disarray. It’s epic and visceral. Mirroring the melodic displacement, the artwork for ‘Demons’ rushes with hazed hues as a darkness lingers, foreboding the song’s troubled psyche.

Slow Riot are integral to the new emerging scene within alternative and rock, a band that hopefully won’t go unnoticed as so many great bands often do.

‘Demons’ is taken off the band’s forthcoming EP ‘Cathedral’ out 23rd October, via Straight Lines Are Fine.

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