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TRACK OF THE DAY: Fairchild – ‘Hot Rod’

Like the polarising climates of their home country, Australia and their new-found home of the UK, Fairchild’s AA-side single consists of two very different sonic palettes. One soars with bright guitars and fervent rhythms, and the other is a sultry, menacing synth rock blaster. The latter is the final track to be unveiled from the new release, a track entitled ‘Hot Rod’.

Frenzied pulsating electronics ride atop dizzying fuzz and commanding vocals, but it’s the rush of heat that charges from the behemoth of a chorus that is most impressive. It is the synergy of its parts that form an unbreakable barrier of sound, that is much more than just plain noise: it’s passion, it’s feeling, it’s heart. ‘Hot Rod’ may be a scathing super-charged riot, but it’s the thrill of vindication that wins out.

‘Hot Rod’ will be released on 22nd June, via the bands own label Canvas Sounds.

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