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TRACK OF THE DAY: Many Things – ‘Burn Together’

Many Things make indie music fun. Energy, passion and emotion run through every melodious vocal turn and every melancholic thought turns into something beautifully profound. ‘Burn Together’ is the latest track that the band have unveiled. In fact, it’s the eponymous track from their forthcoming debut album. And with it being the bands most definitive work to date, of course comes vast ambition and a want to take their sonic vision to its limits, which couldn’t be better explored than on the magnificent new track.

The opening line of ‘Burn Together’ suggests a desire for change: “And I feel like I might crash my car / and like I might start a fire / that burns the human race / when I feel this way I don’t know how to start” it’s this bold vulnerability that kindles the spark to ignite a flame of revolution within. ‘Burn Together’ is bold, brave and rebellious. Many Things make us feel like dancing till we drop, whilst we contemplate the inevitabilities that life brings us, it’s impossible not to be moved by them in some way or another.

‘Burn Together’ will be released on 22nd June via Dew Process.

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