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TRACK OF THE DAY: Tired Lion – ‘Suck’

Nostalgia runs wild within the delicious thrash of Tired Lion’s grunge rock, both violently anthemic and temptingly cool. Tired Lion are spearheading the campaign for a 90s revolution, harking back to a time when ripped jeans and crop tops ruled the streets, like they do once again. Tired Lion’s latest release ‘Suck’ is fiercely brutal in honest reflection, raging against the superficial.

We all fear rejection and abandonment, and Tired Lion note this. Stoking their fire, they tackle these feelings and turn them into something visceral and rebellious. Awash with distortion and melody, ‘Suck’ boasts the perfect contradiction between the loud, abrasive nature of its choruses to the mellow intelligence of its verses. This band sure know how to make you reel for more.

‘Suck’ is taken from the bands forthcoming EP ‘Figurine’.

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