ALBUM REVIEW: Flo Morrissey – ‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful’

It’s hard to believe, ‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful’ is Flo Morrissey’s DEBUT album. For such a young musician, there is so much maturity in her writing and elegance in the delivery of her vocals. The album is seamless; contrasting yet complimentary from song to song. Morrissey’s voice is distinctive and wistful; the production and arrangements of the tracks echo music from the past yet sounds somehow contemporary. I would recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of Vashti Bunyan or Linda Perhacs.

The first song on the album, ‘Show Me’ gracefully ebbs and flows gently drawing us into Morrissey’s musical world. This song is rich in drama as it build ups and moves in surprising ways then drifts away as Morrissey takes us on a cinematic journey “walking through my mind”. Her voice is pure and the vocal melodies rise and fall effortlessly. There are beautiful details within the song and a serene soundscape is set which continues to evolve throughout the album.

‘Pages of Gold’ has a contagious chorus. Morrissey stresses the importance of each word as she sings very clearly. There are melancholic undertones to the song and she laments “Is it such a big ask to be granted a day when there’s no need to fret?”

There is more sorrow in ‘If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away’ reflected in the lyrics and descending melodies. It begins as a delicate tune, with a hypnotic piano line accompanying Morrissey’s voice. The lyrics are brought to life in the music as it builds up then suddenly decomposes again.

‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful’ the final track on the album is stunning and leaves you wanting more from Morrissey. The story comes to an end as “I watch the curtain fall, no one knows me at all”. There are rays of hope in the song as Morrissey tells it through her eyes, looking to the future.

I am sure there are more great things to come from this artist. This is a consistently creative and captivating debut album; I am excited to watch Flo Morrissey flourish.

‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful’ will be released on 15th June, via Glassnote Records.

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