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Q&A with Tully On Tully

For the last four years Melbourne based indie pop outfit Tully On Tully, have been turning heads and accruing fans all across the world. Gracing stages across Australia, Singapore, America, and Canada with a live show described by Australian critics as “mesmerising”, its no surprise that they have been the focus of much well deserved attention.

With an array of unique, heartfelt tracks under their belt, 2015 has seen them touring Australia to promote their latest single “All These Words”. My band was lucky enough to play a support slot with them at their Sydney show earlier this year. I took a few snaps, and they answered a few questions for me.

If Tully On Tully were a cake, what kind of a cake would you be and why?

Ice-cream cake. everyone loves ice cream and cake, and together they’re just magical.

If each of you had to pick a favourite Tully On Tully track what would it be?

Everyone except Frank chose songs that we haven’t released yet! We’ve played them live heaps though and they’re all an awful lot of fun.

Natalie- Miles Away (from the upcoming EP)

Pete- Juno (working title –  from the upcoming EP)

Iain-  Juno

Greg- Miles Away

Frank- Naked

What is your favourite, and least favourite thing about the Melbourne music scene?

Our favourite thing is probably that Melbourne is spoiled for choice. There’s probably hundreds, if not thousands of bands around. And so many venues for them to play at. It’s a double-edged sword though, with so much to choose from it’s really hard to stand out ourselves, so that’s probably the least favourite part!

The last few years has seen you tour all over the world, whats been your favourite place to play away from home?

We’ve all got our favourite places, but I’m pretty sure we all agree that Toronto (Canada) and New York are up there with the best places to play. Not even for the gigs themselves, but those cities are breathtaking. New York in particular – I think that was the first time any of us had been there, and even though we’ve all seen it a billion times in movies and on TV it really doesn’t prepare you for how big it is! And the people are so nice!

Tully on Tully 3Tull on Tully 7

You guys have some killer promo shots, whats currently inspiring the bands aesthetic at the moment?

We had a big brainstorming session at the start of the year to decide what kind of visual aesthetic we wanted to put out for the band. Our music can be quite dark and dramatic, but we also feel that we’re a fun and entertaining band to watch so wanted to do something very bright and colourful. The idea of a 70’s/early-80’s poolside party seemed like heaps of fun, so that informed the last photo shoot we did and it’s carried over into the artwork. Not so much the music though – that’s firmly contemporary with some tasteful (we hope) throwbacks to 80’s and 90’s pop. So we’ve got an interesting anachronistic package that touches on all of these decades, but really feel like it works for us!

Tully on Tully 5

Tully on Tully 6

In terms of handling social media, do you delegate different roles to different members, or is it more one person handling it all?

It’s generally delegated – Pete handles most of the Facebook stuff while Iain takes care of Twitter and Instagram. We settled on these roles so we could make the updates regular. When you’ve got 5 people and no-one in particular has the role, the updates don’t come as regularly as they should! 

What is your favourite venue to play in Sydney?

We’ve only been able to play at Brighton Up Bar and the Beresford Hotel, so we don’t have a huge choice there! At the moment probably Brighton as it’s smack bang in the middle of Oxford St, which has some excellent food and fun bars. The staff there are great too, and we know the stage pretty well. Hopefully we can try some other venues soon though.

Tully on Tully 4Tully on Tully 1

If Tully on Tully were a team of super heroes what would your superpowers be?

Natalie- The ability to be in two places at once.

Pete- Super speed, baby.

Iain- The ability to turn anything into dynamite

Greg- The ability to create a never-ending packet of Tim Tams

Frank- The ability to instantly know where I’ve put something I’ve lost

We would make an incredibly lame team of superheroes. Unless you’re really hungry and want some exploding biscuits like right now.

Who are three up and coming Australian acts we should be looking out for?

Ginger and Drum (NSW)

DXHeaven (VIC)

Machine Age (QLD)

We’ve played with all three of these groups and were blown away. Definitely watch out for them, and expect some big things.

What do you guys think the key is to a happy and successful band?

The best way is to treat it like any good relationship. You need to keep it in perspective, respect everyone in it, and don’t take things too personally. Have patience. I hope we all consider ourselves as a happy band (and “successful”, in the way that we’re still making the music we love after 4 years together).

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