EP REVIEW: Poor Michael – ‘EP3’

I often wonder why a collective of 2 or 3 musicians can produce a much grislier and often more powerful sound than a simple four piece can provide, but I guess the simple truth is, that with refinement comes a boundless sense of freedom and often this results in, amps being turned up higher and guitars getting a little louder so we never lose its impact. Case in point, Maidenhead trio Poor Michael and their third EP. It’s an EP provides a vicious, smack-down of pummelling beats, fierce melodies and a passionate vocal cry. Its comforting grip gives us a feeling of security in a world that’s moving too fast.

The bass tumbles into play, guitars growl and a rumble of percussion hits, throwing us into the raucously melodic yet rough and ready opening track of the EP ‘Have You Got My Thoughts’. Consciously foreboding, the track haunts it’s listener till it reaches a mighty climax at its peak, a riff that could make even a bald man’s hair grow back and stand up on end. Continuing on, second track ‘Standing at the Stairs’ is sedated with a funk driven bass line, before almost instantaneously we are introduced to an onslaught of melodious, bellowing rock. Soon the vocals cut “standing on the stairs with your bed sheets on….” and we’re thrown into a gorgeous haze of psychedelia. It’s a track that will turn a lot of heads. It’s so good in fact, that I’d hope that it won’t just be restricted to the ears of an underground audience.

Third track ‘Nobody’s Lover’ picks up the pace with a rhythm that’s direct and visceral. The sentiment is simple – it’s about taking responsibility over your actions, all the while allowing for your full attention to be directed to the extended mind-blowing finale. The EP concludes on ‘Chameleons’ with a ploddy bass rhythm that resembles that of Superfood’s ‘Don’t Say That’, soaring guitar riffs and a vocal that urges “you’ll change your stripes to suit the high, and you’ll change your stripes tonight”. ‘Chameleons’ is an all-mighty closer for the EP, that’s stoned enough to enchant yet slick with groove, so you’ll be swaying to its glorious coo.

This EP was completely self-produced. Recorded in the bands house, mixed and produced with their own hands and more credit to them in doing so. EP3 is a confident and impressive piece of work that we’ll be enjoying for years to come. 

‘EP3’ will be self-released on 25th May. Stream the full EP here.

Poor Michael Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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