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INTRODUCING: Peacock Affect

There’s nothing I like more than being pleasantly surprised by a musician’s musical talent and songwriting skill. It’s that strike of lightning, that pure shot of emotion whether it be hope, pain, joy or melancholia. Every little minute detail sounds as gloriously rewarding as the next, because even from the most troubling times, eventually comes solace and relief. It’s that personal growth through suffering that makes us stronger. So when I first heard the music of 19-year-old George Holman, I was immediately taken a-back.

His evocative storytelling is both extremely personal, tender and moving. Absorbed in a certain kind of soulful melancholia that’s heart-wrenching, as well as in the same breath being completely freeing. Stripping back production to just guitar and voice allows for a sense of clarity to remain prominent, while still never loosing its intense melodic pull. It becomes almost too difficult to separate yourself from the music, so I just say let it in, relax and let yourself go.

Stream Peacock Affect’s most recent track ‘The Heaven Smiles’ below.

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