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TRACK OF THE DAY: Work Drugs – ‘Minor Flaws’

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, looking back fondly to a time when we younger and carefree. We cherish the past, not necessarily because we’re dissatisfied with our present and fearful of what the future might bring, but because it’s made us who we are today. But when we start to over-analyse the past and begin to think of what could’ve been, then trouble can arise and that’s where Work Drugs new cut ‘Minor Flaws’ comes into focus.

When memories start to keep you up at night like the fallout from a past relationship, you begin to realise that maybe nostalgia isn’t a good thing. But you have to accept the good with the bad. The band talking about ‘Minor Flaws’ say that the song was written about “memories (good and bad), and how we tend to re-imagine them over time, often to our own detriment.”

A chilled-out vocal brings clarity to the sentiment of the song and a lush haze of electronica and pop melt away all of your worries. I think it’s safe to say, Work Drugs know how to write a good pop song.

‘Minor Flaws’ is the third single to be taken off their forthcoming album ‘Louisa’, out 2nd June.

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