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Amy has a voice filled with enchantment and wisdom. Brought up as witness to the nightlife of her mum’s pubs and bars, Amy’s songs are riddled with anecdotes and wry humour based on the colourful characters she has met on her way. Her sound is reminiscent of a young Stevie Nicks with the glottal growl of Janis Joplin or Etta James.

We sat down with Amy for an exclusive chat about her time in Bristol, BBC Introducing, and her summer plans.

Living in Bristol, you’re part of a thriving music scene. From your perspective, what is the scene like in city? Are there any artists that we need to know about?

Bristol has to have one of the most diverse and interesting music scenes, there is always something to see or you could be missing out on something amazing. Lady Nade, TR Clemmett, The Naturals, Idles, are a few of my favourites from over the years.

You are still yet to release a debut single, any plans for a release soon?

Yes, hopefully after the summer.

You only have one taster of your music up online so far, a self-titled track called ‘Amy’. For anyone that hasn’t heard your music before, can you describe what it’s all about?

Overall its about personal feelings, stories and emotions from my mind and eyes perspective. I find it really interesting how people can describe feelings in so many different ways. It could take 3 simple words to trigger a light bulb moment.

You’ve had plays on BBC Introducing for your song ‘Amy’. How much does that initial support mean to artist like you, who is just starting out?

BBC Introducing have quite a loud voice and people trust their judgment on new talent and music. For new artists its great to get more attention and for people to hear your music. I am really grateful that they played my song for the first time on the radio!! 

You’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio recently working on new tracks, how are they sounding?

It definitely has a organic and homely feel with some very exciting sounds.

How are the studio sessions going?

Very well, I have learnt a lot over the last year on how to apply myself in different sessions.

You’ve already opened for Port Isla, Hudson Taylor and Rhodes, good company there. How were those gigs?

The Rhodes gig at The Lantern in Colston Hall was definitely a very special gig. Everyone was seated, very attentive and quiet, whilst Hudson Taylor had a very energetic younger crowd. I also played a gig with SOAK in Skatepark, that was pretty cool!

Did you learn anything from playing those shows with them?

It was definitely good practise on how to figure out different crowds and venues and keep peoples attention.

At the moment it’s just you and your guitar up on-stage for live shows, as you progress as an artist most likely your stage show will grow. Do you see your live shows getting bigger and adding a backing band into the mix somewhere down the line? 

I will always enjoy performing on my own but its an exciting prospect to get a band to be able to create new sounds and progress as an artist.

You’re playing Live at Leeds and Barn on the Farm this summer, will these be your first times playing at festivals?

Yes and I’m also look forward to playing alongside some other up and coming artists.

What do the next few months look like for Amy Yon?

Hopefully release a few more tracks and lots of writing towards an album! 

See Amy Yon at Barn on the Farm 3rd – 5th July. For more information please visit

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