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TRACK OF THE DAY: Axel Flóvent – ‘Forest Fires’

Folk music takes on many forms, from heartbreaking personal stories to joyous tales of hope and wonder, but what makes folk music a genre that we can’t live without is the breadth of human emotion it conceals and evokes in its verses. No other genre can quite connect with a listener in the same way a folk song can. It’s that undeniable power that drives each and every one of us to go back and live in these little worlds. Icelandic singer/songwriter Axel Flóvent creates magnificent dreamscopes that transport you in his world.

His newest song ‘Forest Fires’ is a beautiful landscape. Mimicking the rolling ice-capped hills of his home, delicate strums of guitar and weightless piano motifs introduce us to a world of magic and wondrous adventure. Like a snowglobe being shaken for the first time, the track follows the same unrest and gently crescendos into a whirlpool of warming acoustica. Axel Flóvent’s stories of friendship are as pure as the driven snow, visceral and encompassing. It’s a dream world that I would happily fall into.

‘Forest Fires’ is taken off the forthcoming titular EP out May 25th, via Trellis Records.

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