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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Mispers – ‘Weekend’

We’ve come to the conclusion that with each new Mispers track you just have to throw caution to the wind, because each and every time The Mispers release a new track, they always defy our expectations and not just go one step ahead, but ten steps ahead of where they last left you. And their new single ‘Weekend’ is no exception to that rule. A gravity-defying leap of vivid sonic colour and spirited vocals, enough to make you want to run to the nearest field and dance around playfully in the grass.

Sprawling passion and fearless energy emanate from The Mispers new single ‘Weekend’. Its insatiable lust for adventure breathes vibrancy into the track’s promise to be the ultimate summer anthem. Music never feels more alive than it does when delivered in a Mispers zestful glow. Their music is is a release. It allows the listener to regain the freedom that’s often misplaced in our lives and to fully embrace it, a sentiment which echoes throughout the song: “Take me to the road with no ends…”.

‘Weekend’ is out now, get your copy via iTunes here.

The Mispers Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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