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TRACK OF THE DAY: Liam McClair – ‘Honest’

The track had it’s premiere on BBC Radio 6Music last week. ‘Honest’ is a much bolder track than we’ve heard from McClair in the past, not only in the sense that it shows a real musical progression for him, but that McClair has become more confident. In a way, mirroring the sentiment of the song, McClair bares himself for the world to see – hand on heart, passionate and emotionally candid.

It’s hard to resist the charm of McClair’s smooth, honey-like croon that he weaves so well above a powerfully soft and gentle driving melody. When an artist puts themselves in a place of vulnerability like McClair does, as a listener you can only be pulled in by the sincerity of someone pouring their heart out through song, it’s a beautiful thing to be let into someone’s world.

Listen to ‘Honest’ below.

Catch Liam playing Dot to Dot festival in Manchester on 22nd May. Tickets are available here.

Liam McClair Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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