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You may be more familiar with this artist by his birth name David Liversidge. He’s an artist that we’ve championed here since the first time we laid our ears on his stunning set of pipes. Now he’s back under the alias, LiVVO, with a bigger, much bolder sound and he’s ready to show the world what he’s got.

We sat down for a chat ahead of his single launch gig at Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe on 7th March, to discuss everything LiVVO – the new sound, the launch gig, his evolution as an artist and much more. Read on for all the scoop.

I hear that you’ve gone down a completely new route with your music, its orientated more towards a fuller band sound than your previous material. How have the studio sessions been shaping up? Has the process changed at all to how you used to go about recording?

LiVVO: “The sessions have been great and truly my most enjoyable recording experiences to date.

Yeah, it’s been very different to be honest….there’s been a real pre-production element to the way I have worked since the introduction of beats and bass to the songs. I think that was always going to happen as we were moving further away from the ‘one man and his guitar’ sound.

Previously I’ve always done a lot more work live than I have in the studio, so it was really refreshing to go into the session with brand new material that’s never been heard or played anywhere before. I think that really helped to give a greater opportunity of creativity.”

Have you re-recorded any of your older material?

“No I haven’t and I can’t see that happening either at this point in time to be honest. The idea of coming back as LiVVO with new material is that we are almost drawing a line in the sand. Not to completely disregard anything that I’ve previously done because it’s brought me fantastic opportunities and helped to gather a great local following getting me to the point I am at now, but the want and desire to step up to the next level almost dictates the change.”

What can we be expecting from the new material? Come on tease us with what’s to come…

“A much bigger sound than I’ve ever had before…..

Songs filled with natural energy – driven by electronic beats and bass….

There’s a greater use of guitar effects, which brings such a quirky, unique sound from an acoustic…..and I’m pushing myself more than ever vocally.”

Can you tell us the name of the new single yet? We want some scoop.

“I can indeed. The new single is called ‘You’.”

What kind of release will the new tracks be? Singles? EP? Album?

“Over time it will be a mixture, we are starting off with singles and then looking for that to build up towards a future album release.”

Your single launch gig is steadily approaching, you’re playing at Night and Day. How excited are you about this to finally share what you’ve been working on for the past months?

“I’m extremely excited! It’s been building up for a while now, so the night itself will feel like such a release. With each song that’s been written your always putting yourself in that situation and thinking about how it will come across live, so it’s going to be great to get back on stage again…..not only will this be my 1st show of the year but my 1st since November, which for me is a really long time (as you well know)!”

You recently shot a music video for the new single, how did that go?

“In a word…..FREEZING!

I always love the video shoots though to be fair, it’s another great opportunity to be creative and get your personality across to the fans. Things can get repetitive at times if you’re looking for performance shots from different angles etc…but it’s all worth it to get the final product.”

You’ve shared this journey with the lovely team at Scruff of the Neck Records, how has it been to have them involved with you every step of the way?

“Fantastic! I’ve always had incredible support from Mark and the guys ever since we met on the open mic circuit, probably nearly 4 years ago now…..

Obviously things developed from there and I released two singles as David Liversidge….

Scruff have been an integral part of giving me the platform I need within Manchester….and since we sat down in October to discuss how we would move forward….it’s been all about evolving and taking things to the next level….hence LiVVO was born. I couldn’t ask to be part of a better team!”

What’s the plan for the future – will you be gigging around the country?

“Yeah, funnily enough that’s been one of the recent discussions….there’s definitely the potential for a UK tour after the summer…we just need to sit down and bring it all together…so watch this space.”

Any final words to your fans…

“See you at Night and Day, it’s going to be special!”

LiVVO’s single launch gig is on Saturday 7th March at Night & Day Cafe, Manchester. Tickets are available here.

LiVVO Links: Facebook . Twitter . Soundcloud

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