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Spacious cinematic sounds emit from the very core of each Wonderful Humans track. Each come with their own individuality, spirit and spark but what is always certain is that, no matter what, you know that a Wonderful Humans track will always be epic.

I caught up with one half of the New York duo, Brian Cag, to discuss their first live gigs together, NYC, Taylor Swift and much more.

Charlotte, Bitter Sweet Symphonies: You recently played a couple of shows at this year’s CMJ. What was the reception like? Did you manage to catch any bands there?

Brian: “It was great to finally play the songs in a live setting. It’s one thing to spend your time crafting the production and using these out-of-world sounds, and it’s another to make it palatable in reality. CMJ was the first time we’ve played any show together and it was definitely a milestone for us. Caught a few of the acts on our shows, but aside from that it was a crazy couple days.”

I feel like there is a little mystery and intrigue to the press shots and artwork that you’ve put out online, is this intentional or am I reading into something that’s not there?

“We like to really let the imagery accent the music, as opposed to forcing the viewer to put music to an image. I always like making sure that every photo and piece of art can substantially back the musical product, while maintaining our own personalities.”

Your songs sparkle and pulse with a driving energy, do you feel this in part comes about from living in NYC?

“Absolutely. I’ve never really thought about that actually, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I can see that. It’s a crazy, bustling city that really is the center of our world. Definitely adds to the project in that aspect.”

You’ve only released two original tracks online so far but in doing that, you’ve created quite a stir already from the blogs and on Hype Machine. What’s the plan going forward with new releases?

“I think we’re just putting out music in a manner that we feel comfortable with. The project is so new that we’re still creating an aura and sound for it, so it’s nice to see people reacting to the songs in that manner. You might hear another track from us before the year is over. The top of 2015 is looking good for a first official release.”

We live in a world were now people have access to an unlimited amount of music at their fingertips. From a musicians perspective does this make it easier or harder to get your music noticed? I guess there are pro’s and con’s either way?

“It’s a double-edged sword. We have the tools to get product into the hands of the public more easily than ever before, however the amount of people using that very same power can tend to cause over saturation. It’s become somewhat of an audio smorgasbord for the average listener, and cutting through that noise is the real trick.”

Do you feel that because you are a two piece, it gives you more freedom to explore new things musically and creatively than say if you were part of a larger ensemble?

“Definitely. We have no boundaries to the sounds we create. We are the drummer, bass player, guitarist, vocalist, percussionist compacted. It’s nice to have that creative power in your hands. Plus, doing this with your significant other is a great deal of fun.”

What have you learned about each other from making music together?

“It’s taught us to really listen to each other. We’re both very opinionated, and strongly that is, so hearing each other’s ideas fully before judging them is a huge matter.”

For many writers, songwriting is a way to express themselves. Their thoughts, feelings, beliefs. What is it for you?

“It’s honestly a release. It’s freeing to create something that I would want to hear. I hope that doesn’t come out in a cocky manner, but I think songwriting allows us to say what we want and not be afraid to censor ourselves.”

You recently covered Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’, what’s your favourite Taylor Swift song?

“Don’t really have a favorite. We picked that one because I thought it’d be fun to take such a bubbly song and let the listener hear it in a very dark element. I enjoyed taking what someone might know as a typical pop song, and throwing it on its head.”

If you could place one of your songs as the theme tune to any TV show, what would you pick and why?

“I would put Edge Of The Night on Homeland, because that would just be hilarious to see Mandy Patinkin in a heated romance seen with that track playing.”

Quick Fire Questions:

A song that describes your current mood/frame of mind at this time “Fergie – L.A.Love”

Your go-to summer anthem “Rooney – Where Did Your Heart Go Missing?”

Karaoke song of choice “Kanye West – Power”

A lyric that means a lot to you “Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault.” – Kanye

Best piece of advice you’ve been given “Know what you’re good at, and get better.”

A song that you wish you had written “Queen. All of it… every song.”

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