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For The Struts, 2014 has seen the band release their long awaited début album and sell out shows all across Europe. This band have been slaving away at this for years now: relentlessly gigging and working hard to build up a fanbase across the country and further afield. And I think it’s safe to say, that even though there’s still room for the band to reach higher highs, they have definitely made an impact this year.

Selling out their recent UK tour and receiving a lot of love for their album, it makes you respect the band even more. After years of dedication and constantly slogging it, they are finally getting some significant praise and adoration. You can only feel proud of them.

I caught up with guitarist, Adam Slack, to talk about the bands first gig together, their début album, Justin Timberlake and much more.

Charlotte, Bitter Sweet Symphonies: You spend a lot of time on the road. You’re known for your passionate live sets. What’s one thing that has surprised you about gigging through the course of being in this band?

Adam: “One thing that has surprised us is how well we can deal with each others company 24 hours a day seven days a week whilst on tour. Its a small van we drive around in so it’s impressive and stands us in good stead for the future.”

You always dress very well; I have to say your band does put most other bands to shame style-wise. Where do you shop? Are any of your stage clothes custom-made?

“Well Luke had some costumes made by the grand Zandra Rhodes! We all just pick pieces that we find great from charity shops sometimes or vintage shops, or sometimes just high street brands too! Whatever works.”

To celebrate your album release, you played some hmv in-stores. Do you enjoy playing intimate shows?

“Following the tour where the capacities of the venues were between 200-500 we can safely say we love playing small shows where we can see the crowds! Makes it more intimate and without sounding to cliché you feed off the crowd more.”

Now your album is out in the world and being taken to so positively, just one look at your twitter confirms this. How is it feeling from your perspective?

“We’ve lived with this album for so long so we’ve been dying to get it out. Now its got its own wings, we’re just happy people like it. Sometimes I found myself wondering why people like it because I’ve heard it so many times!”

What was the first gig that you personally went to yourself as a punter? Do you think your first live gig experience had any influence on who you are today – did it spur you on to start your own band?

“My first show was Justin Timberlake so can’t say it influenced me greatly it was his Justified tour haha!”

Do you remember your very first gig together? How did it go?

“Yeah at the Old Bell, we thought we were mint but it was a metal venue so we got some dodgy looks.”

How do you feel the band has evolved since taking those first steps on to a stage?

“I think it never stops evolving we just keep going and refining our live show to be the best it possibly can be! Its exciting prospects for the future when we have budgets for light shows and extra gimmicks on stage.”

Can we go a little deeper into the back story of The Struts, do you remember the first time you played together? What was it like and what did you play? When was the moment you realised that ‘yeah this could work well actually’?

“Well Luke and I first met around 6 years ago and got the record deal just me and him. We wrote songs together in my mums lounge and we knew from the first moment we had something special.

As a band we played our first show at the Old Bell Hotel in Derby, which has now closed down, like most music venues nowadays. We played pretty much the same songs we play now that’s how old these songs are!”

The Struts have achieved so much so far but is there something you’re aiming for with the band that you haven’t yet had the opportunity to do?

“We take every day as it comes and just keep dreaming. We want what everyone wants to be the biggest band in the world and we will continue to keep going for it.”

You are a very hard working band, what keeps you going?

“Class A drugs! Nah, I’m kidding of course! Like I said before just the dream in our heads and what the possibilites that lie ahead of us. We live for it and we all collectively want it so in answer to your question. The hunger for success!”

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