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HYPE OF THE DAY: Wednesday Costa – ‘Sum Of’

When you hear that an artist that you’ve followed for a while, and love, has a sibling that also has started making music, albeit, first off, you might feel somewhat sceptical about the prospect of their musical abilities. But after one listen to Wednesday Costa’s music, the younger sister of Charles Costa (aka. the regal troubadour King Charles). I was quite taken aback by her musical offerings.

Wednesday, making the first in a slurry of firsts to come for the young artist, let loose her début music video for her song ‘Sum Of’. A perfectly imperfect love song for that person that will one day make your heart flutter with happiness. ‘Sum Of’ is an end of summer ditty, with it’s delightfully charming melodies and sincere lyrics, it makes you question why hasn’t it been in your life sooner? More please, Wednesday.

Watch ‘Sum Of’ below.

Wednesday Links: Website . Twitter

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