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Quiver me timbers.

Winston Surfshirt, are easily one of the sexiest acts I have ever laid ear on. Their music feels like that one drink too many, with that colleague you probably shouldn’t be having one drink too many with. Its like a sexual chemistry, thick and physical…and infectious to boot.


Winston Surfshirt came to fruition after frontman Brett decided to leave the bands he was in and begin to create music that he would enjoy as a listener. Embarking upon his solo career he put out three EP’s, featuring songs such as “Baby J” and “You’re Rattling My Bones”. The solo project eventuated in a collaboration with bassist Mcay, and producer Bustlip after playing at the opening of a new bar. Now note how many times I have used the word infectious…the addition of their trombone player (Benn Chapman) came about after he saw them play a live set, he ended up jumping on for the recording and has stuck around ever since.

I remember the first time I heard them. It started with a head bop, which quickly transformed into a hip sway,  and needless to say, ended in a hearty obsession. Baby J was the track that took my innocence. Funky from the get go with a keen and unique vocal phrasing, with a complimentary kazoo, which makes funky almost taunting little licks in the side of your head.  Being a lyricist, one thing that particularly struck my interest was how straight forward their lyrics are. Though impeccably written, their unique brand of psychedelic, stoner sex funk …is undeniably straight to the point. With lyrics like “I don’t like you, like you don’t like me” and “now I’m talking smack” there is no beating around the bush.

In my experience, their live show is immediately captivating. A talented group of players who’s dynamic seems flawless and comfortable, kinda a neo soul/jazz/hip/hop group. Somehow they manage to swagger fluidly across a plethora of different genres…they remind me of slick jazz cats, of William Boroughs, of dimly lit bars and sex.  If I could make a list of artists to collaborate with these guys would be right up near the top.

Their next EP is expected to be released in the upcoming months, which I was luckily enough to have a sneaky listen to…Let me say. It is probably up there in my all time favourite Australian releases of all times. To to put it simply…If you don’t get yourself a copy of it, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.

Huckleberry Hastings

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