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VYNCE make indie pop that shimmers with irrefutable vibrancy and an ardent beating heart. Since the band formed in the summer of 2013, they have steadily gained a large and dedicated following around Merseyside and its surrounding areas. Over the next few months, VYNCE will be playing some big shows around the North West, including a support slot with JAWS in September and a headline show in Chester in November.

We chatted to singer/songwriter and guitarist, Peter Pegasiou, about the band’s début EP, their upcoming show with JAWS and much more.

As most people reading this will probably be new to your band, to break the ice I thought it would be great to know a little random fact about each member of the band, to introduce yourselves…

Peter Peg (singer, songwriter, guitarist) – used to come into school an hour early with my guitar when I had a guitar lesson so none of my friends knew I did music and so I could maintain my rep as one of the coolests 14 y.o.s in England.

Alex Whittaker (bass) says he likes to play rum and drink bass…

Oliver Foster (guitar) has a sideways little toe that has no nail on it…we don’t know why..

Tom Davis (drum) – gets really aggressive in kitchens because of the amount of Gordon Ramsey TV shows he’s watched.

You’ll be releasing your début EP very soon. There are 4 tracks on the ‘Waves’ EP, can you give us a little summary of what each song is about?

‘April Showers’ is simply about people being dramatic about ending their flimsy relationships. 

‘Waves’ is about the leap from fancying someone to being in a relationship i.e. sacrificing things and just going for it.

‘Saint Lucia’ is using the story of the old saint that blinded herself to maintain her celibacy but is really just an example of someone that has properly felt pain and sorrow. Fed up of all these kids thinking they’ve been hurt because their 4 day MSN relationship has ended.

Finally, ‘Not My Girlfriend’ is about that girl that thinks she’s going out with you when she isn’t.. maybe not everybody can relate but yeah.

How long did the whole writing and recording process take for the EP?

The songs weren’t really written for the E.P. but were kind of just written. Didn’t take that long but sorting them all out and stuff took longer.

What comes first the melody or lyrics?

Melody 90% of the time. I try to write songs that have catchy melodies.

When inspiration strikes are you one for opting for the pen and paper or do you reach for your phone?

Pen and Paper. None of the great songs were written onto a phone FACT. Pretty sure Macca and Lennon weren’t typing their lyrics into their new Samsungs.

BBC Introducing is a great platform for new and unsigned artists and it’s helped you out a lot in regards to radio play and spreading the word about your music. I first heard your song ‘April Showers’ on BBC Intro Stoke. Have you ever come across any new bands because of BBC Introducing?

Never just because of BBC Introducing but it definitely helps bands step up.

In the soundcloud / spotify generation, people have access to an unlimited amount of music at their fingertips. From a musicians perspective does this make it easier or harder to get your music noticed? I guess there are pro’s and con’s either way?

Makes it harder but that’s not the real problem. It’s a lot harder for unsigned bands because of the current music scene in general.

Are there any bands that you would love to join for the day, just to get to hang out with them?

I don’t know really, wouldn’t really wanna just hang out with a band just because we like them. It’d be a bit awkward; wouldn’t mind having a jam n that like.

You’ll be supporting Jaws in Liverpool in September. If you could tour with any other band or artist right now, who would that be and why?

We all have different opinions but we’d probably all agree it’d be someone like Foals or Peace.

Your live shows have created a real buzz surrounding your band, for people that are yet to see a live set from VYNCE. Can you give them a little tease into what to expect?

Our shows are quite loud and proud. We don’t really half heart any gigs. If we played in a club to an old man and his dog we would still play like were headlining the Echo arena.

Do you remember your very first gig together? How did it go?

We played in Manchester and it went alright really! Nothing interesting happened except I (Peter) kept forgetting we were called VYNCE.

How do you feel the band has evolved since taking those first steps on to a stage?

We’re a lot tighter and we know our sound and where we fit in the music scene.

After the EP drops next month, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

We’re gigging with Jaws at EVAC on the 26th Sept as you know and have a few other gigs. We have a headline show in Chester at Telfords Warehouse on the 14th November. That’ll be a big one.


A special thanks to VYNCE for this interview and for more info on the band, check out the following links below:

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