WATCH: The Love Junkies – ‘Television’

Immediate. Ferocious. Gut spewing.

That’s The Love Junkies and we love them for that. Their no-nonsense approach to making music is what creativity should be about. Life isn’t always pretty or glamorous. It’s messy and complicated and that’s the truth.

The Love Junkies have just released new single ‘Television’ into the world, taken off their sophomore record, ‘Blowing On The Devil’s Strumpet’, out 5th September. As life would have it, it dealt them a tough blow when they came to producing a music video for their new single but in true Love Junkies style they ran with the punches.

The video is completely self-produced, this DIY approach means that we get a video that compliments the track completely. A testament to the band’s inventiveness and spontaneity.

The band show considerable skill with ‘Television’ – it’s blunt delivery and unrelenting energy is furiously met with brazen noise and a keen sense of melody. It’s a sucker punch to the face that never lets up. 

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Charlotte Holroyd
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