If you like your pop music vibrant and direct. Then be excited, be very excited about New York songstress VÉRITÉ. Just over a month ago, she launched her début single ‘Strange Enough’ which was met with an adoring wave of raving critics and fans. Now with new single ‘Weekend’ she ramps the anti up just that extra notch, making her ascension to the top seem so easy.

VÉRITÉ explains ‘Weekend’ is “an ode to the nostalgia of how…we can take moments from the craziest times and glorify them as being absolutely perfect”.

Boasting thundering drum machine, sumptuous synths and power vocals, this track simply is irresistible. Forget about your life for a couple of minutes, put this on and enjoy. Most likely that will turn into another listen, which will then turn into a whole night of VÉRITÉ – her music is just that addictive. ‘Weekend’ will leave you undoubtedly singing “so we could fall in love for the weekend” and brighten up your day.

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Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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