WATCH: Storms – ‘Undress’

Storms just released the new video for their track ‘Undress’. After firmly invigorating us with their last single ‘Swell’, I think we’re just about ready for more from these Londoners.

First off I have to congratulate them on yet another inspired music video, showing us that the power of a bit imagination and creativity still can make a big impact. Equally so, taking a simple idea and producing something of great quality does have it’s advantages too.

The video set to a white backdrop follows two people (George Runciman – the vocalist from Storms and Hattie Upton-Dance) as they are smothered and fed with various types of food throughout the course of the video. As a way of envisaging the lyrical themes of the song. 

‘Undress’ is another grungy rock anthem from Storms. Seriously this band are one of those unsigned gems that you find and you can’t keep to yourself, you want to scream it from the rooftops as loud as you can to get people to listen to you. It’s like “Look I’ve found this band and they are A-MAZING! It’s your choice if you want to miss out on them but just remember I told you about them before they got huge.” and that’s completely what Storms mean to us. I’m telling you, don’t miss out.

Storms are headlining Club NME this Friday [22nd August] at KOKO in London.

Storms Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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