EP REVIEW: Johanna Glaza – ‘Letter to New York’

Picture the icy plains of Switzerland, mountain tops covered in white dust, snow gathering at the water’s edge of their flowing rivers and you’ll be in the right mindscape for the musical wonders that are beholden to Johanna Glaza. ‘Letter to New York’ is her sophomore effort. It’s an EP that equally shows her progression as an artist from her début late last year and one that also further mystifies Glaza as an artist that is like a siren at sea, drifting peacefully in the shadows but intently casting her spell on the sailors.

Her voice treads softly, caressing each note as it passes through the void till it reaches our ears. With striking precision and emotional depth, Glaza can easily stop you dead in your tracks, so you’re free to drift in and out of reality and into her dream world.

The world of Johanna Glaza is like a snow globe – serene and tranquil yet at any moment the balance could be upset. The sonic canvas although otherworldly and ambient, teeters on the brink of erupting into something much more. ‘Letter to New York’ has an intangible beauty that sweeps you away from start to finish. It’s rare to come across an artist as Glaza in this day and age, that can be still a persons core at the sound of a vocal turn or a nascent melody.

There is little to say about Glaza other than listening to her music, it speaks much more than words can. It has all the power to move you as a listener while still completely leaving you in an awe-induced state.

‘Letter to New York’ is a modern-day masterpiece from Miss Glaza, a bold statement to make but I truly stand behind the power of Glaza’s immersive and enchanting folk music. 

TRACK LISTING: 1- Letter to New York, 2- Distance, 3- Like a Tiger, 4- Wonderland, 5- River River

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