Manchester’s Girl Friend are a band that we’ve been waiting to feature on here since the start of the year, and now the time has finally come. The quintet are ready to unveil their début EP ‘Everyone Wants To Be Wanted’ on 4th August via. You Records.

The EP will feature 4 tracks, complete with début single ‘Perfume’ and the recently unveiled ‘Comforting Strangers’. Girl Friend have managed to come almost out of nowhere with a polished and accomplished sound. Elegance just drips off their every word, every drum beat, every glistening synth, every pronounced riff. They are a band you’ll regret for not hearing sooner.

Lyrical themes of yearning desire and unhealthy obsession filter through Girl Friend’s songs, making for a simply irresistible concoction. The lush caress of pulsing synths, brooding vocals and gentle building intensity of their thunderous pop grandeur, make this band one not to be missed.

The EP is available to pre-order here.

Girl Friend Links: Facebook . Twitter . Soundcloud

Charlotte Holroyd
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