London based noise-makers Cassels are a heavenly delight on the ears. This brotherly duo take a no-nonsense approach to their music, coming in hot and heavy with fuzz-toned guitars and ferocious drum grooves. If you like Girl Band or Royal Blood, then venture forth into the world of Cassels.

After recent spots at Truck Festival and The Great Escape Festival, Cassels have become the object of desire amongst a very excited bunch of new fans and rightfully so. With their high-voltage live set and impressive stage prowess, they are a band that wants to impress and they do just that. 

Expect mosh-pits to ensue, and utter savagery to be let loose but also for quieter, more introspective moments to appear. Listening to Cassels newer material, it is clear that they are a band to take seriously, they have the raw talent to make it big in this industry and with the right breaks they are sure to achieve this.

Right from the get-go ‘We Wander In The Night’ lets rip and chaos ensues creating a oppressive atmosphere of wall-to-wall sound. Yet, Cassels have honed their sound to create something that doesn’t feel overbearing, it’s a structured sort of madness that works in all the right ways.

Cassels AA side single ‘We Wander In The Night/Rinse and Retreat’ is available to pre-order now on 7″ vinyl, via Grebo Records.

Cassels Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

Charlotte Holroyd
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