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London songstress, Lyla Foy released her wonderful début record earlier this year to a wave of highly anticipated fans and critics alike. The record has since gained many rave reviews, which has propelled Miss Foy into a heavy spate of touring, that see’s her gracing the Williams Green stage at Glastonbury this year. Foy’s début album ‘Mirrors the Sky’ effortlessly weaves delicate instrumentation, subtle electronics with charming, hushed vocals and soul wrenching lyricism to create something that’s moving and beautiful. She has created her own little world, a transcendent dreamscape that is both haunting and nostalgic.

We caught up with Lyla to talk about what it’s like touring the world, the music that’s influenced her, festivals and her plans for the next record.

Now that Mirrors the Sky has been out in the world for a couple of months has the feeling now sank in that your life’s work is out there, being celebrated and regarded so highly?

I am loving having an album out, it’s fun! I’m actually falling back in love with all the album tracks as we tour them. I’ve never done intensive touring before, and I’m finally starting to overcome stage fright which is awesome for me. I mean I still need a stiff drink before going on, but everything feels great at the moment. Being in a band rocks.

How long did the whole writing and recording process take for the record?

The songs were written quickly, but we tinkered around with the recordings over a few months, and picking the final tracks took a little deciding. The real time consuming bit comes when you have to think about singles, artwork, videos – all that. There are so many different elements to putting a record out – never a dull moment.

Is there a particular track on Mirrors the Sky that you hold especially close to your heart? Can you tell us a little bit about the track and why it’s so special to you?

It differs a bit from time to time but recently I’ve been really enjoying performing Honeymoon. I love how the melodies bounce and dive and the lyrics feel pleasing to sing. The subject matter is sad but being sad can be ok.

Are you finding that there is a common track on the record that people are drawn to and are relating to?

I really like the fact that everyone seems to have a different favourite! If there was a slight draw to one track it may be Rumour. It’s a very honest, raw kind of song, so maybe that’s why people seem to be digging it.

What are some of the albums that have influenced you personally? Not just the records that you wish you’d made, the albums you go to for a certain mood.

Jenny Lewis – Acid Tongue

The Postal Service – Give Up

Portishead – Portishead

St Vincent – Marry Me

The Beach Boys – Sunflower/Surf’s Up

Sharon Van Etten – Tramp

Beachwood Sparks – The Tarnished Gold

Carole King – Tapestry

You’re deep into touring the album right now, which has seen you travelling all around the world. Has there been a standout show to date? What’s it like being able to tour the globe?

I love, love the travelling. It’s completely exhausting but when you get home you can only ever remember the good bits. I especially loved all the shows we’ve been doing with Sharon Van Etten. Germany is a great place to play, also Switzerland! People treat you so well in Europe!

You’ll be playing Glastonbury this summer, along with lots of other festivals in the UK and Europe. What are you most excited to do while you’re at the festivals other than playing, of course?

I’m just looking forward to walking around, eating festival curries and discovering new bands. I’m going to stay for most of the weekend of End of the Road, as it’s my favourite. I WILL be popping in on the Metallica set at Glastonbury – I’ve never been before so it’ll be an experience, for sure.

You’ve been teasing a few stills from your upcoming music video for new single, ‘Honeymoon’ recently. Can you tell us a little bit about the shoot and where did you film the video?

We shot it in a little studio in south London, and the concept was very simple. It’s a visual portrayal of the bleak nature of relationships post Honeymoon. You’ll see…

You hear all the time from blogs and music websites, who we tip for greatness in the coming year, so I wanted to turn the tables a little and ask you, who do you tip to be huge or at least break through into mainstream consciousness in 2014?

My personal taste always lies outside the mainstream, so I’m not sure I’d wish it on any of the artists I love. But being recognised and lauded when you’ve made an awesome record is cool! I think Alice Boman is really good, also Dead Flowers, Kiran Leonard, Mirel Wagner, Lowpines

What has being a professional musician taught you about yourself?

That I’m nuts.

Congratulations on all your success this year and all the best for the future. What’s next for Lyla Foy?

I’m desperate to start writing again, and have started a diary of sorts to try and capture everything I’ve been seeing on the road. In the autumn I’m going to spend a few weeks in New York beginning to write my second album in ernest. Until then I guess I’ll be camping in a field somewhere making daisy chains. See you there!


Lyla Foy’s ‘Mirrors the Sky’ début album is out now on Sub Pop. Lyla is currently on a UK and European tour including supports for Sharon Van Etten and Phosphorescent. For more info on Lyla and her music, check out the following links below:

Website . Facebook . Twitter

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