WATCH: Slow Riot – ‘Demons’

Our favourite post-punk/shoegaze threesome, Slow Riot are back and in good spirits with new track, Demons. The track is a glittering example of their bright future. The band turned heads with their début effort, Cooper’s Dream, last year, blending ambient atmospherics with gut-wrenching melancholy and dreamy soundscapes.

Demons further explores what the band let loose in Cooper’s Dream, with the exception of taking a step forward towards a louder and much more aggressive sound, Demons shows the band’s progression tenfold. Taking inspiration from such stalwarts of the scene as Interpol, Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine, Slow Riot have created something that is sure to hit you right where it hurts, it’s blood curdling introspection of the highest order, brooding indie guitars and lush, sonorous vocals that cut deep and won’t let up. The sonic progression of Demons is plagued with the same frantic confusion and worry that is seeped into the lyricism, “you tell me how to fight these demons, my heart has been cut and it will fade”.

Slow Riot come at a time when post-punk and shoegaze bands are thriving, and I have to say, they are definitely one of the bands that stand out from the pack, with their distinctive energy and passion, they’re a band not to be missed. Demons is taken from the band’s début self-titled EP, due out this Friday 6th June.

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